Eco Cleaning Hacks: How to Make Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

This article provides 6 recipes for making eco-friendly cleaning products at home. These DIY solutions are better for the environment and more cost-effective than commercial products. Recipes include an all-purpose cleaner, stain remover, citrus degreaser, window washing solution, fabric softener, and a bonus laundry detergent recipe.

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to find ways to reduce our impact on the planet. One of the great underutilized eco cleaning hacks is learning how to make eco friendly cleaning products at home.

These DIY cleaning solutions are better for the environment, and more cost-effective and gentle on surfaces. You can feel confident having these products made non-toxic, natural ingredients in your home.

We share our top 5 easy at-home recipes for making all-natural cleaning products that you can use to keep your home fresh and sparkling clean. We’ll also give you a bonus recipe that takes just a little extra effort!

You can clean cost effectively with these solutions all without harming the environment. Get ready to learn how to create your own eco-friendly cleaning products in no time!

All Purpose Cleaner

Mixing equal amounts of white vinegar with water makes a simple yet effective homemade all purpose cleaner. You can also add in your favorite scent too if you wish. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil can liven it up. We’ve used this many times before and found it to be as good as most other general cleaners.

Stain Remover

An eco DIY stain remover is achieved using one spoonful of eco-friendly dish soap (such as Dawn) with two spoons of baking soda and two spoons of hydrogen peroxide. This is hypoallergenic so it is great for kids plus it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals so it’s easier on your skin! In a pinch this can serve as an effective laundry detergent. More on that later…

Citrus Degreaser

The third homemade DIY eco cleaning product suggested is lemon degreaser. This is made by 4 parts white vinegar to 1 part lemon juice. For example, 1/2 cup lemon juice mixed with 2 cups of white vinegar.

The acids combine to work as a potent solution to grease. Both lemon juice and white vinegar are safe for human consumption so you can clean eating ware without any fear of contamination.

Window Washing Solution

To make a basic window washing solution, all you need is Dawn dish detergent and water. Mix a few drops of the dish detergent into a bucket of warm water, and you’re ready to go.

This solution is effective at removing dirt, grime, and streaks from your windows, leaving them sparkling clean. Plus, because it’s made from gentle, non-toxic ingredients, it’s safe to use on all types of windows, including those with a special coating.

My brother and I worked as window washers all through high school and this was what we used both inside an out. It was a great little business for us because supplies were cheap and it paid well.

Fabric Softener

Making your own fabric softener at home is a great way to avoid harsh chemicals commonly found in commercial fabric softeners. It’s also a great way to save money.

A simple and effective DIY fabric softener can be made by mixing white vinegar and baking soda. Simply add half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your washing machine and half a cup of baking soda to the wash cycle.

The vinegar helps to remove any residue left behind by laundry detergents. Meanwhile, the baking soda acts as a natural softener, leaving your clothes feeling soft and fresh.

You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a pleasant scent. Not only is this DIY fabric softener affordable, but it’s also environmentally friendly, as it does not release harmful chemicals into the water system. Give it a try and see how soft and fresh your clothes come out – don’t worry we’ve tested it and there is no vinegar smell!

BONUS: Laundry Detergent

Making your own eco-friendly laundry detergent powder at home is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. It also helps us avoid harsh chemicals. It does take a little more work than the solutions above but can save you money in the long run.

Our favorite simple and effective recipe for a DIY laundry detergent powder is to mix baking soda, washing soda, and grated bar soap. Start by mixing one cup of baking soda, one cup of washing soda, and one bar of your favorite vegan soap grated in a large bowl. That’s it, the only hard part, really, is grating the soap which can be a little time consuming.

If you can’t find washing soda it’s not terribly difficult to make.

  1. Heat oven to 400º Fahrenheit
  2. Place desired amount of baking soda (it will yield 1:1 amount) in a shallow baking dish or cookie sheet
  3. Place dish in oven at 400º Fahrenheit for 1 hour
  4. Stir baking soda and smooth to as thin a layer as possible
  5. Place in oven for another hour
  6. Allow to cool completely then store in an airtight container out of the reach of children

*if done correctly, the washing soda will be slightly more yellow than the baking soda.

Store the mixture in an airtight container and use one to two tablespoons per load of laundry, depending on the size of the load. This homemade laundry detergent powder is effective at removing dirt and stains. It is gentle on both your clothes and the environment.


There you have it, 6 recipes for how to make eco friendly cleaning products! Download the infographic here. Keep an eye out in the future for other eco cleaning hacks and let us know on social media how these recipes work for you. We love to get feedback!

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