Waterfalls To See on a Colorado Road Trip

Pack your hiking boots and camera and set out for adventure in Colorful Colorado. Explore some of Colorado’s must-see waterfalls on your next road trip.

Waterfalls To See on a Colorado Road Trip

Colorado is a must-visit state for nature-loving travelers in the U.S. In this naturally diverse state, you’ll never run out of awe-inspiring landscapes to immerse yourself in.

Colorado has dozens of named waterfalls scattered throughout the state. Don’t leave the state without visiting a few! Learn about waterfalls to see on a Colorado road trip.

Box Canyon Falls

Located in the small town of Ouray, the spectacular Box Canyon Falls has an 85-foot cascade into a rocky canyon. Towering cliffs and steep canyon walls surround the falls, which create a stunning backdrop and make Box Canyon Falls one of the best places to take pictures in Ouray.

You can access the Falls on three main trails, each providing a different hiking difficulty level and beautiful views. A metal walkway makes it easier to navigate through the canyon.

Bridal Veil Falls

Located near Telluride, Bridal Veil Falls is Colorado’s tallest free-falling waterfall, making it a must-see on a Colorado road trip. It drops over 365 feet from a cliff and is in the gorgeous Bridal Veil Basin.

Visitors can hike, bike, or four-wheel drive to the base of the falls to see the cascading water up close. The single-track, one-way hiking trail to the bottom of the falls is about 1.2 miles long and not recommended for beginner hikers or families due to uneven and rough terrain.

Rifle Falls

Rifle Falls is a triple waterfall that cascades down a limestone cliff in Rifle Falls State Park. The falls are nestled in a picturesque landscape brimming with vegetation.

The triple waterfall is a short walk from the Rifle Falls State Park parking area. This small but beautiful state park is very popular during the summer, so arrive early to secure entry to limited parking.

Zapata Falls

Finally, consider visiting Zapata Falls if you desire a more secluded site. The 25-foot waterfall is a welcome oasis from the nearby Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

The waterfall is only about half a mile from the parking lot, but it’s an adventurous excursion. Wade through water and travel over slippery walks to reach the isolated falls.