5 Outdoor Design Elements Your House Might Be Missing

A house isn’t complete without a lively exterior. Consider these five outdoor design elements your house might be missing when your home feels dull.

5 Outdoor Design Elements Your House Might Be Missing

Although every home possesses unique features and compositions, a few design elements are extensively desirable. Look at your home’s exterior. Is there an area that’s lacking? Discover five outdoor designs your house might be missing.

Clear Paths Throughout the Front and Back Yards

Adding paved walkways is a simple way to elevate your home’s landscaping. Make the backyard feel like an exquisite garden with natural stone pavers or a brick walkway from the front of the house toward the backyard. This feature will enhance the home’s appearance while providing convenience.

The Presence of a Tall Tree

Some homes have lovely flowers and shrubs along the sides of the house. Their presence builds texture and dimension. However, nothing provides depth and value to homes quite like a large, mature tree.

Lively and broad trees can supply ample shade, so sitting in the backyard during the summer is comfortable. A tree in the front yard attracts the eyes of passersby because of its vast beauty. The mature tree’s presence will instantly liven your home no matter where you plant it.

Fresh Coat of Paint for the Siding

Siding accumulates dirt and mildew over the years. Paint chips away, but there’s no need to replace the siding altogether. You can fix it up independently!

Clean the siding thoroughly with a specially designed detergent and rinse it away with a power washer. Pick out the perfect paint color. The final product will instantly transform the home’s appearance.

Eye-Catching, Wall-Mounted Patio Lights

The front porch’s design speaks volumes. Proper lighting increases safety and curb appeal.

Refresh the old wall-mounted patio lighting with something fresh that suits your home’s newly painted siding. Many vintage-style lanterns use a modern Edison light bulb encased in intricate iron elements.

The contemporary style contains fewer details but doesn’t compromise on class. A structured black line with the light illuminating from behind establishes a sleek look that’s admirable for modern homes.

Matching Hardware on the Doors

Another outdoor design element your home might be missing is matching door hardware. Many homeowners fail to pay attention to the doorknobs and deadbolts they add to each door. Although it’s a minuscule detail, it can affect the house’s overall composition.

Choose the right doorknob based on your home’s aesthetic. Rustic homes pair nicely with detailed brass handles. Simple and straight doorknobs suit modern homes.

After browsing through this list, is there a feature you feel your house is missing? Sit down and think about which home improvement project is next on your list.