Car Buying Shortages This Year

The car buying shortages this year are primarily due to a semiconductor shortage and the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It is much easier and more affordable to find men’s or women’s electric bikes for sale that you can ride with manual pedal power, in pedal-assist mode or on full electric power. Learn more about … Read more

2007 Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Buying Guide

Maintain an environmentally friendly commute by inspecting and maintaining your 2007 Toyota Prius catalytic converter. Find out how this crucial component reduces emissions and how you can replace yours if it’s damaged. What Do Catalytic Converters Do? Some natural byproducts of your engine are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. These fumes are not only … Read more

Budgeting For Buying A Secondhand Car

If you are looking for a secondhand car, there are things to consider which don’t apply to new purchases. Secondhand cars, while more cost-effective, have more history and complications than a brand new car off the lot. For this reason, the budgeting for buying a secondhand car is more difficult and complex than budgeting for … Read more

Four Ways to Save Money When Insuring Your Family Car

Car insurance is something that every driver needs, and with more and more accidents on the roads each year, the cost of insuring your vehicle is on the rise. Even if you have a long no-claims discount and drive a safe, new model, car insurance can set you back a few hundred pounds yearly. Thankfully, … Read more