Reducing Food Waste – Zero Waste Week Successes (And Some Challenges!)

Zero Waste Week is coming to an end; but the Zero Waste lifestyle carries on. This year, we’ve learned about reducing food waste. An unfathomable amount is thrown away each year and this has a colossal impact on the world around us. It affects climate change; which in turn affects habitats, ecosystems and life across … Read more

Best Before vs Use By: How To Reduce Food Waste Using A Common Sense Approach To Best Before Dates

Unlike ‘Use By’ dates, ‘Best Before’ dates are not about food safety but rather food quality. The timeframe given is an indicator of when the expected standard of the food or drink is most likely to change. Historically, the government has discussed removing this label, as it is somewhat misleading and widely considered confusing; as … Read more

Food Storage Tips To Help Reduce Food Waste

Today for zero Waste Week we are going to think about how better food storage can help reduce food waste. The challenge today is to share your food storage tips on social media using the hashtag #ZeroWasteWeek or comment below! In a recent post, I talked about the staggering amount of food waste in the … Read more

Changing Food Shopping Habits To Reduce Food Waste

One of the key principles of Zero Waste Week is reduce; this doesn’t just apply to plastics but also to food. Of course, no-one should ever go hungry; positive habits are not built from depriving yourself or others. However, changing food shopping habits do have an impact of how much food we waste; so today … Read more

How To Reduce Fresh Food Waste

Today marks the start of Zero Waste Week and this year the theme is reducing food waste. To begin, we are going to head to the fridge and look at how to reduce fresh food waste in particular. Food Waste in the UK The amount of food waste the average UK household throws feels incomprehensible. … Read more

Sustainable Lifestyle Book Bundle by Caroline Jones: Review and Giveaway

Win A Bundle of Sustainable Lifestyle Books (Total RRP £31.97) x 3 sets to giveaway. How to Go Waste Free, How to Go Plastic Free and Sort Your Sh*t Out (all by Caroline Jones)

Throughout the natural process of living our lives, things can just naturally become cluttered over time. We accumulate needless things, habits and even problematically toxic relationships. There is much to be said for taking a step back and asking, ‘do I really need this in my life right now?’ making it easier to declutter your … Read more

Net Zero Co (Sustainable Products): Round-up and Giveaway

Net Zero Co (Sustainable Products): Round-up and Giveaway

I originally wrote about Net Zero Co in my sustainable gift guide a couple of weeks back. However, I didn’t want anyone to miss out on finding about this lovely eco company, or the chance to win a bamboo hair brush and toothbrush set, so I felt it deserves its own separate post! Net Zero … Read more