How To Make Your Garden Safe For Children

A garden is a brilliant place for children to be. They can enjoy the extra space to play in, as well as enjoying being outdoors in the fresh air. You can teach them about things like plants, gardening, and the wildlife that lives in your garden. However, if not thought about properly, there are also … Read more

Winter Walks: Getting Outside in the Colder Months

Life is full of so many amazing and wonderful little pleasures; too many to list in fact. However, one that we especially adore, is going for a walk together outside. We love doing this anytime of year, including winter walks. We’re extremely fortunate to have a large variety of places to explore and enjoy locally, … Read more

How To Teach A Child To Ride A Bike #AdventureFearlessly (AD)

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Safe and Sound I am thrilled to be working with Safe and Sound on their #adventurefearlessly campaign; encouraging and celebrating fun outdoor adventures with kids, with the help of their first aid products to easily sort out any little scrapes along the way. One such way to … Read more

How to Create a Sensory Garden for Adults or Kids

What is a Sensory Garden? A sensory garden is a specifically designed garden with a focus on sensual stimuli. Naturally, there are heaps of educational and recreational benefits to a sensory garden. Chief among them is the incredible range of therapeutic possibilities. Those with SEND especially tend to gain significantly from the experience. A sensory … Read more

Cycling Adventures: Exploring St Albans 

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Now, I am the first to admit that I am not a regular cyclist. However, I do love being outdoors and I also like a challenge! So when Inntravel set a cycling adventure challenge; to explore my local area by bike, creating a cycle route, then share what I discovered, I was more than happy to … Read more

Why I Have Britain’s Most Beautiful Garden: Just Landlords Competition #BritainsMostBeautifulGarden

Why I Have Britain's Most Beautiful Garden: Just Landlords Competition #BritainsMostBeautifulGarden

*This post is written in collaboration with Just Landlords. I love being outdoors; this includes my garden of course. I think my garden is beautiful for many reasons; it may not be perfectly landscaped and as well tended as it could be, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Just Landlords (UK-based provider … Read more

Top Tips For Group Getaways

Top Tips For Group Getaways

It is my 40th birthday coming up in a less than two months now (eek) and I have still not yet decided how to celebrate! I would definitely like to mark the occasion in some sort of special way; I am just not yet sure how. I did have a few ideas, such as a … Read more

Benefits Of Cycling For The Whole Family

Benefits Of Cycling For The Whole Family

It’s no secret that cycling is good for you. Regular physical activity does wonders for managing weight, keeping your heart at its best and aiding mental wellbeing. Bicycle riding is unsurprisingly one of the very best ways to get health issues under control and keep you fit and healthy, agreed Kitchen Home. Whether riding for … Read more