5 Eco-friendly Wellness Ideas To Begin Living Sustainably

Sustainability, going green, eco-friendly: they all have the same meaning, but how can this rewarding lifestyle be tangibly put into practice? Making and maintaining environmentally friendly choices in your life won’t just happen overnight. Rather, it’s a gradual process with enormous benefits for both yourself and our planet. Before jumping into drastic changes, you can … Read more

Simple Health Tips For You To Try This Week

Many of us are struggling with this winter lockdown, but it is essential we try to stay healthy and take care of body and mind during even these difficult times. So, look after your body with these simple health tips… Drink cleaner water  Water is important and we should all be drinking at least 2 … Read more

5 Healthy Habits To Add To Your New Year’s Resolutions List

Are you ready for this next year to be your healthiest year yet? If that’s the case, you’ve probably been prepping for a ready clean detox, chugging more water and trying to squeeze healthy habits in throughout your day. The New Year is an ideal time to start getting into different habits, since it can … Read more

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails: Three Spirit Drinks Review

I am a huge fan of cocktails, whether mixing our own, delivered to the door or while out at a bar (back when nights out were a thing!). Whilst my partner and I do drink alcohol, we also enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails sometimes too, and are always keen to explore ways to get that cocktail experience … Read more

Wellness Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Health and Wellbeing  

This gift guide is aimed at anyone looking for gift ideas that focus on wellbeing. Filled with presents that support a healthy lifestyle, this gift guide has the perfect suggestions to show you really care about someone! This post also includes a giveaway too.