An Introduction To Japanese Style Japandi: Creating Calm And Balanced Spaces


Japandi is a term that has been used in interior design for decades but does not have an exact definition. However, it can be translated to mean balance or stability of the spirit and mind. This style of decoration is typically seen in Japanese homes and businesses. Japan uses natural materials like wood, stone, bamboo, … Read more

Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

eco friendly home improvements

Investing in some eco-friendly home improvements can save you money in the longer term on energy costs, and improve the comfort of your home, as well as making your home more environmentally-friendly too. Here are some suggestions for eco home improvements and tips for creating a greener home… Windows Most people have double glazing these … Read more

Is Vinyl Flooring Really As Good As Said?

You may have heard many people piping the values of having luxury vinyl flooring within their home, but it’s important to understand that whilst there are many vinyl flooring brands, all of them tend to have the same levels of protective qualities and ease in laying and caring for. Among the most well known and … Read more

Desenio Gallery Wall Art Review #AD

Wall art can really brighten up your home, give a room the right vibes and add your own personal touch too. If your walls are painted a neutral plain colour, like many rental properties often are for example, wall art can be an excellent alternative to redecorating to suit your particular taste, and allows for … Read more

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home (AD)

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home Every once in a while, you’re in the mood for a home makeover. In addition to rearranging the furniture and cleaning book shelves, you may also want to introduce imaginative ornaments. They help bring the place to life and maintain positivity. In this entry, we’ll give you several simple … Read more

How Can Decorating Your Home Improve Your Mental Health

When your home is looking a bit rough around the edges, you might decide to decorate it. But you probably haven’t thought about how home improvements impact your mental wellbeing. It’s something you should consider because your home environment makes a big difference to your mental health and decorating can be a very effective form … Read more

Top 6 Practical Home Modifications

Home modifications for the elderly reduce accident risks, especially falls, and encourage independence in their homes. Falls are a contributing factor to why seniors lose mobility and independence in homes. Home modifications are essential in reducing risks and enhancing safety for seniors. Here are a few ideas for motivation if you are planning a home … Read more